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Our Mission

Justice Advocacy Network (JAN) is a Florida-based nonprofit dedicated to securing bodily autonomy and justice across all intersections. This involves empowering folx through accessible information, resources, and community support.

Our focus centers around unserved and underserved communities. Specifically, communities that have been historically overlooked: BIPOC, queer, disabled, and immigrant communities.

We proudly partner with  trusted organizations fighting injustice in Florida, bridging talent and experience across the state to strengthen future advocacy efforts.

Our Values

We stand for

Gender equity

Promoting gender equality and challenging gender-based discrimination, including issues such as the gender pay gap, reproductive rights, violence against women, and transgender rights.

Environmental justice

Recognizing that marginalized communities, particularly communities of color, often bear the disproportionate burden of environmental issues such as pollution, climate change, access to clean water, and advocating for equitable environmental policy and solutions.

Racial justice

Addressing systemic racism, advocating for equality, and challenging racial disparities in areas such as education, criminal justice, healthcare, and employment.

Youth activism

Amplifying the voices of young people and supporting their engagement in social justice movements, addressing issues such as education equity, gun violence prevention, climate justice, and mental health support.

Criminal justice reform

Working to dismantle mass incarceration, address racial disparities in policing/sentencing, advocate for incarceration alternatives, and promote rehabilitation & reintegration for those impacted by the criminal justice system.

Economic justice

Recognizing and addressing systemic economic inequalities, advocating for fair wages, workers' rights, access to quality healthcare and education, and challenging wealth disparities.

Religious freedom

Supporting the right to practice one's religion freely while respecting diverse religious beliefs, challenging religious discrimination, and advocating for the separation of religion and state.

Harm reduction

Aiming to minimize the negative consequences of certain behaviors or substance use by providing practical strategies, support, and resources, without judgment, to improve overall well-being.

Animal Liberation

Advocating for the rights, well-being, and ethical treatment of animals, recognizing their inherent value, and challenging systems of exploitation and cruelty.

Reproductive justice

Advocating for comprehensive reproductive healthcare for all individuals, including access to contraception, abortion services, maternal healthcare, and challenging disparities in reproductive rights.

LGBTQ+ rights

Advocating for the rights and dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals, including issues like marriage equality, conversion therapy bans, transgender healthcare access, and anti-discrimination protections.


Disability rights

Fighting for the empowerment, inclusion, and equal rights of individuals with disabilities, addressing issues such as accessibility, discrimination, and stigma.

Immigration rights

Advocating for fair and just immigration policies that uphold the rights and dignity of individuals and families, regardless of their national origin, and challenging the inhumane treatment of immigrants.


Sex workers' rights

Advocating for policies and systems that prioritize the safety, health, and well-being of sex workers, including access to healthcare services, legal protections, social support, and inclusive policies that recognize their rights as workers and human beings.

Indigenous rights

Supporting indigenous communities' rights to their ancestral lands, challenging issues such as land dispossession, resource extraction, and the protection of indigenous cultures and traditions.

Body positivity

Promoting acceptance and self-love for individuals of all body types and challenging societal pressures and beauty standards that perpetuate body shaming and discrimination.

Language justice

Recognizing and respecting linguistic diversity, advocating for the right to access services and participate in society in one's preferred language, and challenging language-based discrimination and exclusion.

Educational equity

Working to dismantle disparities in access to quality education, advocating for inclusive and culturally responsive curricula, addressing school segregation, and promoting equitable resources and opportunities for all students.

Our Team

Co-Founder and President Bryce Hackmeyer poses for a mugshot following their arrest for protesting against gender-affirming care bans and restrictions in the Florida Legislature. They are wearing pride rainbow face stripes.

Bryce Hackmeyer (they/them)
President and Co-Founder

Bryce is a queer Mexican and Jewish-American, life-long South Floridian, as well as an aspiring physician and lawyer who wants to treat and represent marginalized people across the United States. They graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Engineering and the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine with an M.S. in Medical Sciences. They currently face and serve patients of all ages and means as a medical assistant at a primary care practice. They proudly serve as the Technology Director at Voices of Florida Fund, while also a participant in Occupy Tally23. Bryce is also a certified Rape Crisis Advocate in the state of New York. In their free time, they enjoy running, exploring nature, snowboarding, reading about emerging science, engaging in philosophical and existential discussions, and raving about Star Wars.

Co-Founder and Vice President Kaitlyn Kirk poses for a professional portiat.

Kaitlyn Kirk (she/her)
Vice President and Co-Founder

Kaitlyn is a disabled, queer, professional vegan baker, graphic designer, and social media manager. Kaitlyn has been an intersectional activist and advocate since high school. Kaitlyn was instrumental in the fight for abortion access and advocacy in Idaho as an abortion doula and community organizer. She is now a dedicated Project Manager for Idaho Abortion Rights and the National Organization for Women Florida. She is also a part of Voices of Florida Fund and participated in Occupy Tally23. As a survivor of domestic and sexual violence, Kaitlyn is driven by a deep commitment to dismantling systems that perpetuate harm toward vulnerable individuals.

Co-Founder and Treasurer Alex Hernandez, with a sign that reads "MEN OF QUALITY DON'T FEAR EQUALITY", protests the 6-week abortion bans passed in the Florida Legislature.

Alex Hernandez (he/him)
Treasurer and Co-Founder

Alex is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science. Alex has actively worked towards amplifying marginalized voices as an organizer for Voices of Florida Fund and Occupy Florida. With a strong commitment to equality, equity, and empowerment, Alex is a driving force behind creating a more just and inclusive society. In his free time, you can catch him volunteering with Food Not Bombs' Tallahassee chapter.

Secretary Kimra Luna poses in the field wearing a shirt that reads "Abortion Homie."

Kimra Luna (they/them)

Kimra is an IndigiQueer abortion doula, reproductive justice activist, and antiracism educator. They are the founder of Idaho Abortion Rights mutual aid collective. They have supported over 1000 people living in restricted states in getting access to abortion medication. Supporting people in navigating all pregnancy options and outcomes is their primary work and they specialize in supporting trans and non-binary folks in their pursuit of the compassionate support they deserve.

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